02.24.2011 KCRUG – Navisworks

Matt Barchman from JE Dunn hosted the user group at his office and gave a presentation on Navisworks. Some items discussed include the use of the software as a coordination and presentation tool, along with other key features and best practices.

Future topics talked about include the following: 

  • Autodesk Labs: Nucleus -Apply skin, wind and gravity


  • Newforma Add-in for Revit


  • Trelligence Affinity -create blocks for Revit or SketchUp


-3D warehouse  http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/

  • API for Revit
  • Newforma 2012 -Links to Revit 2012 has benefits with Schedules
  • Data Leverages
  • BIM site for Tekla
  • Lifecycle Delivery
  • E202 Document -AIA hosts events that discuss this
  • Especs

Look forward to a survey later this month to rate these topics so you can hear about what you want to the rest of the year.

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